Water composition

2:1 is the perfect proportion of calcium and magnesium that is enabling an excellent uptake of these minerals in the body. Discover it in Piwniczanka.

Water composition

Calcium (180mg/litre)

Stimulates metabolism, helps the performance of heart and muscular system.

Calcium influences proper functioning of the body - 99% of this bio-element can be found in our bones and teeth, but it is responsible for numerous key functions of our bodies and affects performance of other systems.

Multidirectional influence includes development of skeletal system, healthy bones and teeth, neuromuscular conduct, muscle activity and blood clotting. It also affects some enzymatic activity, heart performance and transmission of nerve impulses through the body. It is responsible for contraction of nerve fibres and plays significant role in iron's assimilation, prevents allergies and stimulates metabolism; therefore, it is the essential part of the weight reducing diet.

During the 24-hour period approx. 800-1000 mg is released into the body fluids or bloodstream; therefore, the same amount should be replenished. Bone tissue is not only a supporting structure of the body, but it also stores calcium and phosphorus and delivers them to bloodstream in case of insufficient levels. Constant exchange of calcium and phosphorus takes place between the bone and amount of the elements delivered to body with food, assimilated in the intestines and accumulated in blood.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency include muscle spasms, tingling or pins and needles in arms and legs, joints pain, lower heart rate, haemorrhages, sleep disturbances, anxiety. Concerning children: growth disorders, rickets, frequent bone fractures. Concerning adults: osteoporosis.

Magnesium (87mg/litre)

Fights stress related problems, fatigue and exhaustion. Reduces neural tension.

One of the bio-elements essential for body functioning. Its multi direction influence includes all systems, in particular cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In cardiovascular system, it helps myocardium functions, prevents atherosclerosis and regulates blood pressure. In nervous system, it influences proper functioning of brain and neurons which improves memory and focus. It fights stress and decreases cancer risk. Magnesium affects muscular system, supports neuromuscular conduction and helps    remove toxic substances from the body, e.g. heavy metals.

Lack of magnesium in the body may be caused by numerous factors.

Stress – significantly reduces magnesium levels in the body, which results in changes to cardiovascular system and risk of myocardial infarction, embolism and clots.

Unbalanced diet – due to increase in use of processed food products which lack magnesium. Magnesium levels are also affected by excessive coffee, tea and alcohol intake.

Abnormal metabolism – results in quick decrease of magnesium in the body and affects regular functioning of most of the systems, in particular cardiovascular and nervous, and causes disorders of the brain.

Excessive and prolonged exercise – fatigue, exhaustion, pain and muscle spasms, vertigo and irritability appear.

Drinking mineral water "Piwniczanka" is an effective method of preventing magnesium deficiency in the body. 1 litre of "Piwniczanka" supplies approx. 40% of daily magnesium demand, which is highly assimilable due to its ionized form.

Bicarbonates (1240mg/litre)

Naturally support deacidification of the body and alkalise stomach acids. 

Bicarbonates are particularly important in a diet of persons suffering from hyperacidity. They help regular digestion by alkalising stomach acids, at the same time deacidificating the body and supporting acid-base equilibrium.
Replenishing bicarbonates, for example through drinking mineral water during excessive exercise when the risk of acidification is higher, is beneficial for health. In addition, bicarbonates positively affect the body at the initial stage of diabetes.


This exact proportion of calcium and magnesium in Piwniczanka allows perfect assimilation of the two trace elements.

It is extremely important for the effective assimilation and metabolism of calcium and magnesium that the proportion of Ca to Mg must be 2:1, since only such proportion will allow easy assimilation.
Milk and dairy products, although they contain significant quantity of calcium, are characterised by disproportionate quantity of magnesium (traces). Calcium impedes assimilation of magnesium, and magnesium traces reduce assimilation of calcium. Despite significant consumption of dairy products, large number of people suffer from osteoporosis and lack calcium and magnesium.

Good method to retain recommended balance of calcium and magnesium is to drink mineral water "Piwniczanka" which contains calcium and magnesium in proportions 2:1.

Water composition

Composition / Content mg/litre in PiwniczankaPositive influence on body performance



Supports cardiovascular, immune and muscle systems, stimulates the metabolism and development of the fetus



Supports skeletal, cardiovascular, immune and neuromuscular system, stimulates metabolism



Positively influences digestive system, supports acid/base equilibrium



Support cardiovascular and kidney systems



Responsible for proper water-electrolyte equilibrium



Supports blood circulation system and protein metabolism



Prevents dental caries, osteoporosis, heart diseases, strengthens musculoskeletal structures



Helps to cure inflammations of the urinary tracts and chronic intestinal disorders

While choosing your mineral water it is worth to pay attention to:

  • content of minerals which significantly influence our body condition  – magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonates,

  • proportions of the most important elements (magnesium and calcium) in water.