In the rocky depths

Milions years ago, mother nature hid the greatest treasure
under the ground –

Minerals from nature

Several hundred meters under the ground.

Obtained from the depths crystal clear, Piwniczanka is high in minerals.

Laboratory research

Thanks to them Piwniczanka meets all the requirements.

Mineral spring in the bottle

We give you mineral spring in the bottle.

Every hour several hundreds of bottles of Piwniczanka leave the bottling plant.

On the way

Generally available.

We are providing you minerals from nature.

Perfect composition of minerals

Piwniczanka contains 1707mg of minerals per 1 litre.

2:1 - it is perfect composition of calcium and magnesium in every bottle of Piwniczanka.

Naturally Mineral

Exquisite taste in every bottle of Piwniczanka.

Piwniczanka is a perfect supplement in your diet.

Drink water - take Piwniczanka with you everywhere!